June 30, 2016 Andy Brown

Virtual Reality Is Becoming A Reality

So it seems that Google has declared its hand as far as virtual Reality is concerned. At the Cannes Lion Festival the global giant says it is developing technology that will bring VR to the forefront of our lives. They’ve created a VR experience that they have been testing which apparently involves sharks and jumping off huge heights. Sounds scary. They then look at how the senses react and how this lines up with the feeling of being somewhere else. It’s mind boggling stuff akin to the classic Schwarzenegger film Total Recall. Actually, with Google’s self driving cars project not dissimilar to Johnny Cabs, I wonder whether the company isn’t a little obsessed with this early 90s classic. Will we see Clay Bavor, who heads Google’s VR project, pull a golf ball out of his nose at the next Cannes Festival? Perhaps.

What’s really interesting is the potential of VR and how it will influence and change the way things work in this world. Bavor believes that VR is going to touch everything, with the ability to put you anywhere, to put you in a different space, to create an object in front of you that as far as you can tell it’s really there.

Imagine being in the market for a house and being able to view it without actually going to see it in the flesh. Imagine sitting with your loved ones when they were 20 years younger . Imagine experiencing a holiday to Thailand without stepping on a plane. The possibilities are endless.

I love the idea but there’s no substitute for the real thing. I just hope that they don’t handcuff me to the chair before they put the helmet on my head.

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