September 13, 2016 Andy Brown

We’re not all walking into the walls just yet.

As we enjoy an Indian summer and head reluctantly into Autumn it seems that 2016 has not become the year of the VR headset.

A couple of years ago several prominent tech writers predicted that this would be the year that VR headsets will take the market by storm. By 2017 we’d all be walking around like faceless zombies immersed in our own virtual world.

It hasn’t quite happened yet has it? I’ve no doubt VR will be mainstream at some point, unless new technology is developed in the meantime and the format becomes redundant like the Betamax video. One of the issues I have is that the price of headsets can be anything from £15 to £150. That’s a massive jump. Why?

Facebook is selling a virtual reality hardware device this year for the first time, and barely mention it. They’re keeping it all low key. Why?

It’s still a work very much in the development phase. We are not quite there yet with the technology and there needs to be lots more research to make virtual reality better in the future.

I am excited about it but I’m also saddened by this technology. As a dad, I want my children to be sociable. I want them to interact with others and have confidence in social situations in the real world. VR is another shift in the wrong direction. When will it be that we have to slip on a VR headset to tell our children that dinner is ready?