June 27, 2016 Andy Brown

Communication is Critical For Businesses In These Turbulent Waters


Been to any BBQs, parties or down the pub with your mates this weekend? How long did it take for the conversation to turn to the EU referendum? Five minutes? Five seconds? I took my son to a kid’s party and it took about 30 seconds before I got involved with another dad on the subject.

We all have our opinions on how we believe the future will pan out and what the country and our leaders should do about it. Of course we’re also very willing to share it with others. We are very vocal about it and we are happy to keep the dialogue going.

We should be the same with our business. Whether you are in the service industry or supply goods you’ll need to regroup and decide on your strategy for the months or years ahead. However, don’t forget your clients or customers during this period. They need reassurance too. They need to know that you’ll continue to deal with them or supply to them in the way you always have. You may want to put out a statement or contact clients individually or use social media channels to communicate with your clients.  Consider their concerns and plan how you’ll answer them in a way that gives confidence in your business.

Now is not the time to be quiet, waiting to see what happens in the months ahead. Keep communicating with your clients and customers. Reassure them during these times that you will be operating as usual and keep the dialogue open in the months to come.


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